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What are the Differences Between Peace Keeping, Peace Enforcement And Peace

9 pages, pdf
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What are the Differences Between Peace Keeping, Peace Enforcement And Peace

Publisher: Meltem Oktay

Volume: 9 pages, pdf


International peace and order has become an important issue after World War II. When it is understood that the League of Nations is insufficient to solve the interstate problems, the League Of Nations disbanded in 1946. Because organization could not prevent the Second World War. Although League of Nations provided to peace and security with common mechanisms, strong states were not a part of the League of Nations. Because of that, the organization was inadequate in terms of opportunities. For this reason, when United Nations has been founded it adopted the philosophy of having powerful states inside the organization. It gives these states permanent membership and the right to veto. United Nations gave these priorities for the strong states to provide stay in the organization in all situations.

The main task of the UN organization is provide international peace and security. This was stated in the UN charter signed on June 26, 1945 in San Francisso. While the organization is being established, the concept of peace and security, not just include the prohibition of the use of force it also includes political, economic and human factors. International peace accepted as a common interest by all states and a common system has been established for the safeguarding of security and has been called collective security system. The collective security system, which was conceived while the UN Charter was being written, has not survived. The most important reason for this is the fact that the armed forces could not be created. At the UN Security Council the military committee, tried to create armed forces in 1946-1947. However, this project has not been realized due to the disagreements about the scope and nature of the power.  When the collective security system could not be established, this gap filled the concept of ‘peace keeping’. However, this concept is not included in the UN Charter. As an ‘ad hoc ’ solution to emergency problems UN created this mechanism. It was not considered as an alternative. It is only instrumental.