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Adverse childhood experiences survey among university students in Turkey

105 pages, pdf
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 Adverse childhood experiences survey among university students in Turkey

Publisher: World Health Organization  (WHO)  Regional Office for Europe
Volume: 105 pages, pdf

Today, violence is ubiquitous and it has become a social problem affecting all age groups. Every year millions of people are killed, handicapped, and injured as a result of violence. Violence against children indicates an unequal power relation in different forms including economic status, physical and mental status, gender roles, and cultural and religious traditions.
The relationship between violence and children extends from encountering violence within the society or witnessing domestic violence, to direct exposure to violence as an individual. It is the responsibility of adults to protect children from violence and provide care, supervision and support as children are easily hurt, vulnerable and susceptible to external effects. Protection from violence is a fundamental right of every child. Therefore, a peaceful and healthy living environment which enables the child to maximize his or her potential and supports his or her development should be provided to fulfil children’s physical and psychosocial needs for proper growth and development.