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Socially Owned Enterprises and Their Privatization

33, pdf
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                                                                  Socially Owned Enterprises and Their Privatization

Publisher: Institute for Development Research (RIINVEST), Kosovo

Date: 2002

Volume: 33, pdf


The International Roundtable Forum series is part of the two year USAID-supported project entitled “Promoting Economic Development Through Civil Society” which is being implemented by the Riinvest Institute for Development Research and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) from Washington over the period October 2000-September 2002. The objective of the project is to support economic development by strengthening the ability of the Kosovar business community and civil society to participate in the economic policy development and reform process. A key project vehicle to facilitate this participation is a series of international roundtable forums, which bring together business leaders and policy experts from the Kosovar community with the international community responsible for policy development and implementation. The Roundtables are designed to serve as a forum for informed discussion on, and the building of consensus around, policy alternatives and priorities.