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The EU-Kosovo Relationship in the Context of EU Enlargement Policy

19 pages, pdf
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The EU-Kosovo Relationship in the Context of EU Enlargement Policy
Policy Report No. 03/2013


Publisher: Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), Kosovo

Date: May 2013

Volume: 19 pages, pdf


This policy report focuses on the broad features of the EU’s ongoing and constantly evolving enlargement policy and their implications for Kosovo’s aspiration of eventually becoming an EU member state. What might be called ‘the specifics’ of Kosovo’s current position in relation to the EU – which includes the identification of the almost countless measures it needs to adopt as it embarks on a SAA, and probably ultimately EU, road – are deliberately not given much attention in the analysis. This is because they have already been extensively ‘logged’ and published by the European Commission: most recently in a staff working document accompanying the 2012 feasibility study. What this report therefore does is not to re-tread the ground that has already been covered by the Commission but rather to focus on locating Kosovo’s ambitions for EU membership within the context of EU enlargement policy as a whole. More particularly, the report deals with two core questions concerning EU enlargement policy – why does the EU keep enlarging and what are the key features of enlargement processes? – and considers the implications of the answers to these questions for Kosovo.