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The Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institutions-Actors-Processes

120 pages, pdf
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The Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institutions-Actors-Processes

Authors: Sasa Gavric, Damir Banovic, Marinja Barreiro

Publisher: Sarajevo Open Center (SOC), BiH

Date: 2013

Volume: 120 pages, pdf


The political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been the subject of multiple national and international research projects. These research projects tend to focus on specific aspects, like the decision-making process, the peace-building process, the influence of the international community, the interethnic relations, the federalism, etc. Authors rarely try to present an introduction to the political system. Our intension is to present an introduction to students and all those interested in learning the basics about the Bosnian political structure, its institutions and its processes.
This book gives an overview of the different aspects of the political systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It presents a contemporary history of the country and its constitutional principles. It also describes in detail the institutions at the state and federal levels, as well as units and analyses of the international relations of BiH. The three young authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Spain have written an interesting study, presenting the bases of one of the most complicated political systems in Europe.