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Thank You for Asking Me How I Feel

198 pages, pdf
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Thank You for Asking Me How I Feel


Publisher: Helsinki Citizens Assembly Banja Luka (hCa), BiH

Date: November 2005

Volume: 198 pages, pdf


Somewhere during spring, I asked Dunja, which was seven years old girl than, if she knows what is Dayton. She was thinking a little bit, and answered victoriously, “Computer!” What an association on document that ended three years long war in B&H. Approximately, during the same period, we started our travels throughout cliffs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, instead of children, we decided to ask adult citizens of B&H if they can remember where they had been ten years ago, on November 21, 1995, when the Peace Agreement was signed in Air Base “Right Paterson”. We also asked them how they had felt then, what they had done during the past ten years, when the last time they danced with someone had been, how they lived, in what they believed, and what they expected from their future. The book would find an audience among different groups of population, because it is human and sincere. All credits for that should go to five hundred women and men that responded on the questionnaire.