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Montenegro intelligence and its reforms

23 pages, pdf
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Montenegro intelligence and its reforms

Publisher: Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), Montenegro

Date: 2013

Volume: 23 pages, pdf


Studies of the intelligence services are not common in Montenegro. In those cases where the authors decide to explore these issues, the focus is mainly on the way in which intelligence in Montenegro fights against terrorism. Further, intelligence issues are being analyzed from the perspective of good governance. This paper brings together both the academic and the policy approach, by analysing the reform of the intelligence system in Montenegro and accountability of the intelligence services towards different mechanisms of control and oversight. In addition, the paper explains the transformation of the intelligence sector, through inter-institutional dynamics, public debate and respect for international standards. Research platform is based on relevant academic sources, as well as numerous studies published within the long-term monitoring of the reform of the security sector. Domestic literature is mostly unavailable, so the authors relied on those sources that are self-published, studies of other local authors, as well as international sources which include standards in the field of democratic control and oversight of the security sector, with a primary focus on intelligence. Projected contribution to the academic community to this study is lacking. The findings are factually supported by the use of media articles and information about this area, which is still considered to be closed towards the general public.