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Montenegro on the Way to NATO

7 pages, pdf
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Montenegro on the Way to NATO

Publisher: Ján Cingel

Volume: 7 pages, pdf


Montenegro – a small Western Balkan nation of around 600.000 citizens – became in 2015 a symbol that the NATO’s open door policy is still alive and the enlargement possible. The country with Armed Forces smaller than 2.000 men and women in uniforms got on December 2, 2015 invitation to join the Alliance – as the first country since the last NATO enlargement in 2009. This gives hope to other candidate countries. However, Montenegro’s way to NATO has been far from easy and is still not over, despite the final goal is close at arm’s length. This policy paper maps the development of Montenegro’s NATO accession especially from the point of view of the public support. The policy paper is issued within the project “Visegrad for the South-East Europe: Towards Successful Integration”1 implemented by the GLOBSEC (formerly the Slovak Atlantic Commission) from September 2015 – March 2017 in Montenegro and Serbia. The project has been supported by the International Visegrad Fund.