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New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding

29 pages, pdf
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New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding

Publisher: Edward Newman, Roland Paris, Oliver P. Richmond 

Volume: 29 pages, pdf


Peacebuilding in conflict-prone and post-conflict countries – aimed at preventing the resumption or escalation of violent conflict and establishing a durable and self-sustaining peace – has generated debates and controversies of great significance to scholarship and policy. The significance of these debates extends far beyond the realms of ‘‘peace operations’’. The extent and scope of contemporary peacebuilding, the motivations of powerful actors that sponsor and implement these activities, and the impact of these activities upon the societies in which they operate all raise fundamental implications for international politics. A key element of these debates relates to the nature and impact of liberal peacebuilding: the promotion of democracy, market-based economic reforms and a range of other institutions associated with ‘‘modern’’ states as a driving force for building ‘‘peace’’. This volume explores the nature, effectiveness and legitimacy of liberal peacebuilding and relates contemporary peacebuilding activities to broader debates in international politics.