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UN Peacebuilding: an Orientation

31 pages, pdf
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UN Peacebuilding: an Orientation

Publisher: United Nations, Peacebuilding Support Office

Volume: 31 pages, pdf


There are many possible definitions of peacebuilding and varying opinions about what it involves. The term itself first emerged over 30 years ago through the work of Johan Galtung, who called for the creation of peacebuilding structures to promote sustainable peace by addressing the “root causes” of violent conflict and supporting indigenous capacities for peace management and conflict resolution.

Peacebuilding became a familiar concept within the UN following Boutros Boutros-Ghali’s 1992 report, An Agenda for Peace, which defined peacebuilding as action to solidify peace and avoid relapse into conflict. In 2000, the Brahimi Report defined it as “activities undertaken on the far side of conflict to reassemble the foundations of peace and provide the tools for building on those foundations something that is more than just the absence of war.” The UN’s understanding of peacebuilding has continued to evolve ever since.