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Western Balkans Between Europe and Balkanization

9 pages, pdf
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Western Balkans Between Europe and Balkanization

Publisher: Arta Musaraj

Volume: 9 pages, pdf


Western Balkans IS an area relieving continuous fl uidity inside the layers of histories and their respective products. Always in between East and West, following up the proper vocations, some of them visible and some other hidden, which in every moment in history have been translated in simple words: “Where to go?!” Today’s reality in Western Balkans testify how the area has become an mobile arena, once again in search of identity, by making its fl ag of battle the European Union, as a fi nal destination, aiming the unifi cation of the geographic principle with the administrative and political one, and above all, the spiritual dimension incorporated in a common values system. This last one, has been and continues to evolve under strong strains for all Western Balkans countries. The culmination of this pressure has been the expression of the will to integrate in EU, which is measured with the readiness from the countries of the area to make all necessary sacrifi ces it takes to achieve the conformity and standardization with EU, considering the specific situations which alter the mutual will to integration and enlargement from both EU and countries of the region, under the pressure of economic crises. By following and developing an integrated social, political and economic analysis of the surrounding events and phenomena, the article aims to enlighten the real basic challenge of the countries of Western Balkans in the process of shaping their future: the one expressed through what is considered to be the real inspiration of countries of the area, separately or in a “state of integration” , by projecting alliances and realities and by investigating on the effects of the established security level on human development in the area.