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AI's Impact on Multilateral Military Cooperation: Experience from NATO

5 pages, pdf
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AI's Impact on Multilateral Military Cooperation: Experience from NATO

Publisher: Stevan Hill

Volume: 5 pages, pdf


AI-based military applications present both opportunities and challenges for multinational military cooperation. This contribution takes stock of the state of discussions around AI-based military applications within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). While there have been a number of recent developments in national AI strategies and policies, discussions at the NATO level are still in early phases, and there is no agreed NATO policy in this area. Further multilateral work is needed if like-minded states such as NATOAllies and partners are to head off the serious risk that disagreements about these technologies might hamper effective multilateral military cooperation. This essay first frames the overall strategic context within which discussions related to AI at NATO take place. Perceptions of security threats are shifting as a result of the rise of great power competition. At the same time, the AI policies of some individual Allies are rapidly evolving. The essay then describes the publicly-accessible work that has taken place within NATO on AI issues. It uses two potential military applications of AI that are likely to be of interest in a NATO context, as well as some positive and negative elements associated with them. Finally, the essay suggests the need for continued multilateral dialogue on military use of AI.