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Strengthening the dialogue for democracy promotion in the light of Euro-Atlantic integration

32 pages, pdf
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 Strengthening the dialogue for democracy promotion in the light of Euro-Atlantic integration

Publisher: Euro- Atlantic Council of Macedonia

Volume: 32 pages, pdf


The youth constitutes an important component and an integral part of the democratic, economic and social processes in each society. They are often seen and recognized as a driver of democratic changes, reforms and transformations that move the society forward. The youth is a category of the population which is very important for the future of every country, given the fact that it represents a potential that will be present on the social scene in the coming decades, giving back to the community that has invested in it. Young people go through the educational process; choose their future profession; form themselves as individuals; get acquainted with social duties; engage in political decisions and other civic activities in order to achieve their goals as citizens and as a significant factor for social change. The young people are those who have the power, enthusiasm and energy to place new ideas and to contribute for community development in a positive direction. Therefore, their role in democracy should be intrinsic for each society.

Arguably, the more the society invests in the growth and development of young people, the more it will produce skillful, proactive and conscious youth, which would have the needed capacity to positively affect the overall democratic development and progress. The growth and development of young people is more or less determined by their proactive role in a society that largely depends on the appropriate public policies for youth inclusion in decision-making, governess and creation of public policies.

Youth and changes go together, so it is indicative that young people are a principal and uppermost factor for the Euro-Atlantic integration processes that have begun in our country. They can greatly contribute in accelerating this process, largely because of their need to live and work in a more democratic and inclusive environment.

Therefore, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia has initiated a project action designed to contribute directly to the achievement of the goals and priorities of the young people, and to empower them to impact on positively to the Euro-Atlantic integrations by targeting young people, students, youth and student organizations and the youth wings of political parties. The project is based on the assumption that the youth is a notable contributing factor and agent of social changes that has the capacity and potential to influence the democratic processes in Macedonia and to contribute to NATO and EU integrations. The main activities were aimed at promoting the youth dialogue for active contribution to the democratic processes as a precondition for Macedonia’s integration into NATO and the EU.