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NATO in the eyes of the Warsaw Summit

20 pages, pdf
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NATO in the eyes of the Warsaw Summit

Publisher: Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia

Volume: 20 pages, pdf


n the past several years, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia has been very active in raising the awareness among the young people in Republic of Macedonia about the importance and essence of NATO. Together with the Youth of EACM (YATA Macedonia), it develops projects which focus on the need for the young people in the country to be introduced to what NATO is, how it works and on promoting the Atlantic ideas and value.

Following the success of the previous NATO Student Simulations that the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia has organized until now gathering more than 450 participants/students. This year we continued the tradition. The NATO Student Simulation is the only project of this type in the country which provides broad participation of the students from the Universities in the country studying in the areas of security, international relations and political science. The simulation was conducted as a simulation of a Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Heads of Government, where the representatives of the NATO member states discussed the global issues and challenges two years after the NATO Wales Summit, and very soon before the next NATO Summit in Warsaw. Ultimately, the NATO Heads of State and Heads of Government adopted a NATO Summit Declaration in which they outlined the future roles and missions of the Alliance.