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Brussels agreements between Kosovo and Serbia

12 pages, pdf
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 Brussels agreements between Kosovo and Serbia

Publisher: Fredrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Volume: 12 pages, pdf


When some say Serbia and Kosovo reached 33 agreements, and others say 36 or 47, they are all in some way correct. Some consider each of the about 50 documents that the parties negotiated in Brussels as agreements. But not all of these documents are agreements. Some are agreement modifications, revisions, upgrades, and implementation plans. For instance, the Freedom of Movement Agreement consists of three documents: the core agreement signed in 2011 and two ‘revisions’ in 2016, and 2017. There are also about 18 certificates–out of a total of 52–that were mutually recognized but were negotiated at different stages of the dialogue. In this paper, for example, all the certificates are included under the Chambers of Commerce Agreement, since the chambers were largely in charge of negotiating them. But the ADR certificate agreement was negotiated separately and is considered as a separate agreement.