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Debalkanizing the Balkans. A Strategy for a Sustainable Peace in Kosovo

17 pages, pdf
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 Debalkanizing the Balkans. A Strategy for a Sustainable Peace in Kosovo


Volume: 17 pages, pdf


As the United States debates whether and when to withdraw from Iraq; tries, in concert with other powers, to prevent any further proliferation of nuclear weapons; and explores ways to build a lasting peace in the Middle East, in another part of the world the United Nations is seeking to determine the future status of Kosovo, for which nato, led by the us, went to war in 1999. * The us is entering a new period of its involvement in the Balkans. This period is not about the engagement of the global power, however, but about its withdrawal. The us is eager to create peace in the Balkans in order to be able to direct all of its attention to the Middle East, North Korea, and other more pressing and potentially more dangerous issues. But will such a withdrawal produce sustainable peace? Will it contribute to the lack of security, a possibility of further ethnic conflict, and thus a failure of peace making? Will they leave the Balkans in the form of a community of European-style peaceful and multiethnic democracies or will it remind us more of the fragile democracy of today’s Iraq? Previous resolutions of Balkan crises in the 1990s and early 2000s did not lead to a comprehensive and sustainable peace. Is it possible to make the next chapter of peacemaking in the Balkans a true success story and to render the peace that follows sustainable and likely to usher in regional prosperity and a peaceful and united Europe.