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Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme

81 pages, pdf
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Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme


Publisher: European Commission - IPA Cross-border Programme

 Volume: 81 pages, pdf


Cross-border cooperation within IPA has the objective of promoting good neighbourly relations, fostering stability, security and prosperity in the mutual interest of all countries concerned, and of encouraging their harmonious, balanced and sustainable development. Learning from past experience, IPA CBC will operate on both sides of the border on the basis of one set of rules and objectives, thus providing the opportunity for fully equal and balanced programming and decision making process between Member States and Candidate Countries.
The objectives of the IPA CBC component are designed to take into consideration the specific needs of the respective external border, namely:
• Development of cross-border economic, social and environmental activities in border
• Address common challenges in the field of environment, public health, prevention and
fight against organized crime;
• Ensure efficient and secure borders;
• Promote legal and administrative cooperation;
• Promote local “people to people” type of actions.