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Public Advocacy of Continuity of Comprehensive Security System Reform with Special Focus on Protection of Whistleblowers and Legal Regulations on Classified Information

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Public advocacy of continuity of comprehensive security system reform with special focus on Protection of Whistleblowers and legal regulations on classified information


Publisher: Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies – CEAS

Volume: 24 pages, pdf


In 2013, within the project “Promoting Comprehensive Security Sector Reform” which was supported by the National Endowment for Democracy from Washington, USA, after exhaustive consultations with the Protection of Citizens (Ombudsman), Saša Janković, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (the Commissioner), Rodoljub Šabić, and employees from their Offices, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies conducted a thorough analysis of 14 point1 proposed by the Ombudsman and the Commissioner, and for the purpose of overcoming the alarming gap between the constitutionally guaranteed right of citizens to privacy and data protection and state in practice, after which the CEAS Action Plan for advocacy of adoption of the proposed 14 measures was presented.