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National Systems for Monitoring Discrimination: Building on International Experience

68 pages, pdf
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 National Systems for Monitoring Discrimination: Building on International Experience


Publisher: UNDP


Volume: 68 pages, pdf



This study first examines the broad outlines of national anti-discrimination monitoring and particularly the role played by NHRIs. It attempts to clarify the various meanings of “monitoring” in this context; broadly sketch the discrimination monitoring functions of NHRIs in relation to domestic legislation and international treaty bodies; outline the implications of NHRI structural issues for those functions; and discuss issues around data collection and indicators. The core of the report is the five case studies examining the system of discrimination monitoring and the role of the NHRI within it in Australia, Canada, Poland, Sweden and South Africa. From these case studies and a wide-ranging literature review, examples of international good practices and lessons learned were compiled. It is envisioned that this compilation could be the beginning of an ongoing living database which PCHR could draw upon. The final section of the report contains a brief list of recommendations for PCHR in moving forward with its discrimination monitoring mandate.