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Evaluation of the Draft Astion Plan Partnership for Open Government Initiative 2016-2017

11 pages, pdf
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Evaluation of the Draft Astion Plan Partnership for Open Government Initiative 2016-2017


Publisher: Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies – CEAS

Volume: 11 pages, pdf


The Republic of Serbia's process of accession to the Partnership for Open Government - a multilateral initiative that aims to provide support to governments in areas such as transparency, cooperation with civil society, the fight against corruption and the use of new technologies in order to provide high quality services to citizens and business subjects - began in April 2013, after the intention to do so expressed even earlier, in March 2012 by the Ministry of culture, media and information society. The first action plan for the period 2014-2015 has been evaluated both by the relevant ministry, as well as by civil society organizations that were involved in its monitoring. The Government of the Republic of Serbia at the session held on 25 December 2014, on a proposal of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Government, the conclusion No 05. 021-16514 / 2014, adopted an action plan in order to implement the initiative for Open Government Partnership in the Republic of Serbia for 2014 and 2015, as the period of implementation of the Action Plan is determined by the period from 30th of June 2014 to 30th of June 2016. However, this process of adopting the second Action Plan was not a specific one because representatives of civil society involved in the process were present only during the developed of Draft Action Plan. These objections were put forward when the organizations were submitting comments on the draft Action Plan, and the problem has been recognized by the Independent Research Mechanism. Another major violation of the Open Government Partnership represents the non-inclusion of civil society in the implementation of the second Action Plan.