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How to Improve Investment Climate at Local Level

26 pages, pdf
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 How to Improve Investment Climate at Local Level


Publisher: NALAS

Volume: 26 pages, pdf


This report presents possible measures for improving the investment climate at local level. It includes measures of a more general nature as well as country-specific recommendations. The main objective of this document is to present existing and/or innovative approaches/mechanisms/scenarios for active involvement of stakeholders at public level and to facilitate and stimulate application of such measures in practice. The focus of EmBuild lies at the local level. Thus, measures are identified with a distinct local (municipal) and regional (county or district) application. This report is based on the findings and conclusions from work packages 2-4 of the EmBuild Project: Work Package 2 Inventory of the building stock and stakeholder involvement: Deliverables 2.1 Instruction note on stakeholder categorization and involvement; 2.2 Communication Plan; 2.4 Guidance note on stakeholders’ involvement; 2.7 Comprehensive Report Work Package 3 Cost-effective approaches to renovations: Deliverables 3.2 Catalogue of low- and no-cost measures; 3.4 Standardised report for detailed analysis of buildings  Work Package 4 Policies and measures to stimulate cost-effective deep renovations of buildings: Deliverable 4.1 Report on barriers to deep renovation for each participating country.