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Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina

230 pages, pdf
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 Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina


Publisher: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung  BiH

Volume: 230  pages, pdf


“Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina” is based on collected empirical indicators on youth attitudes toward their status in the contemporary society, while consulting relevant bibliography. The indicators were established through the study conducted in the second half of 2014 among a representative sample of 1004 adults of both sexes, of which 48,5% women and 51,5% men, in the 15-27 age group, with average age of 21 years. Total sample of respondents was divided into three groups: 15-17 age group (21,5%), 18-22 age group (39%), and 23-27 age group (39,5%). The study involved respondents from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 45,2% respondents from rural settlements, and 54,8% from urban settlements. Such approach provided unquestionable reliability of the collected indicators.