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Kosovo Youth Study

62 pages, pdf
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 Kosovo Youth Study

Publisher: Friedrich Ebert Stifung , Prishtina

Volume: 62 pages, pdf


Already a while ago, the idea was developed - in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – to conduct a youth study in the countries of former Yugoslavia, following the model of the Shell youth study which is renowned and widely read in Germany. From interviewing members of the young generation in a country, it is possible to derive valuable information on the teenagers’ and young adults’ interests and wishes in the respective state. But there is more to it: The attitudes and value orientation of the young people can be considered an early indicator which ultimately reveals the future tendencies prevalent in an entire society. The young generation, as our analyses in Germany have repeatedly demonstrated, can be considered a seismograph when it comes to future opportunities and long-term prospects of a country. Youth studies are studies about the future that sometimes can tell us more than detailed economic analyses.